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I’m Chris, and photocat808.com used to be my site back when I had a music photography business a few years ago.  I mostly shot local punk and metal bands then, but I did some other stuff too (like pet photos, weddings, and portraits).

Anyways, I’m not back in business (that might be changing soon), but I am thinking of getting back into photography just for fun, and I also want to start using this site as a photography blog.  I’ll do reviews on lenses and other gear, on- and off-camera techniques, photography tips and how-to articles.

Check the sidebar for my latest and best photography articles –>

I’m trying to find my old external hard drive with all my old photos.  When I find them, I’ll start posting some on here.  In the mean time, I hope you enjoy my other random photos.

I’ve also been adding some new articles lately — including the massive 50 Tips For Beginning Concert Photographers — so follow my blog (signup for free over in the sidebar) or just stop by whenever you think of it and see what’s new.

Okay, aloha and thanks for visiting.

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